Dark Sorcerer



Is is said that the sorcerer Korkhuna, who ruled over the lands of the western coast with a iron fist craved only two things: ultimate power and the love of his apprentice. And so he journeyed to the lands of the east, where dwelt the iron princes and their dark overlord, to learn the secrets that the overfiend possessed. And the great one, who name must not be uttered, agreed to share the vile lore, but in returned, he demanded of the sorcerer Korkhuna only two things: That he must swear fiellty to the Iron Princes and that he must sacrifice his one true love and apprentice to the Dark One. And so Korkhuna did this and was granted the the Vile Tome. But the sorcerer too the secrets of the Dark magic and fled to the west.

And the Iron Princes sought out their revenge. And they crafted a simulacrum of the apprentice, and imbued her with magic so that no man could resister her. And the sent he to the ancient city of Belaren, now called Bredloe, to ensnare the sorcerer. And seeing his beloved, the Sorcerer was ensnared, and she let him to a place the the people of Belarin has prepared under the instructions of the Iron Princes, for the people hated the sorcerer, who was a cruel master. And in that place, the once mighty sorcerer was entombed, trapped by fiendish magical locks that no mortal could ken, and left a dragon to watch over him so that he should be forever trapped, sensinble of his imprisonment, powerful in his knowledge of the dark arts, but only able to watch powerlessly as the season turned and the world changed.

It is said the sorcerer wait there still, crying out in impotent rage, strong in the ways of the dark arts, yet forever trapped, unable to act.



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