Known for the minerals contained in the soil, the town of Argyle is known across all of the Sullinen Isles for the fine metallurgical creations the townsfolk create. Due to high iron and a carbon content that of four times anywhere near the Isles, Argyle smithies are able to craft many strong and tempered tools. It’s the axes that the artisans are truly known for. Nestled at the base of a water locked mountain, covered most of the time in a loamy mist from the sea, to be Argylan is to be born with either a pick in one hand, or a hammer in the other.

While over the past couple of years, due to the pall that looms over all of Sullinen, the pinch has been felt, Argyle has always been a town of plenty – and with that, their citizens have previously been known to pay all of their taxes, even before they’re due. As of late, Argyle only seems to sell a scant few axes, swords, and tools, though. Times are indeed, hard. Even more for Argyle, as farmland is not as plentiful as on other islands, and travelers are fewer and farther between – even less for valued food that Argyle has been known to trade well for.

Due to the recent turn of events, Argyle metals have been scarce, due to its citizens fishing the waters, just to feed their families. This has had the effect of a higher demand for the scarcity of an Argyle Axe or Sword – but, as the saying goes, it’s only worth something if it’s being sold… and coin is not free flowing.

Burblecut Ironbottom, a Dwarf of some repute, was raised recently by the Prince to the rank of Knighthood. As such, the Prince, may his name be praised, has given Lord Ironbottom the entire township as his fiefdom. The Prince, of course, expects that Burblecut, someone who is well versed in a mining community, expects that Burblecut will see Argyle return to its former glory, when the steel was strong, and weapons were many…and the taxes paid freely, of course. May the Kingdom know the crucible once again!

All Hail the King,
Ulrich the Bard



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